I Officially Have a 6 Year Old!


Well, it is a new year….already!  What better way to start anew year, but with a birthday! My youngest daughter, Lily, turned 6 on January 7th! Which was on a Saturday, no less! I love it when we can throw a party on Saturday! So, that is what we did….PARTY! Lily has a passion for cooking, so we threw a donut/bakery themed party. Nothing fancy because I have a life besides event planning!


I did the easy peezy thing and went to Krispy Kreme (I know…. yummy!) I made her cake out of a stack of glazed, raspberry -filled donuts, her favorite! I also found a great recipe of Pinterest for Cannoli dip! I decided to try something new and put a little spin on an old favorite-strawberry shortcake! I used donut holes as the cake part, sliced strawberries, and made a mascarpone cheese whipped cream! Then I assembled them into cute little cups with broken waffle cones to garnish! The last little treat I made was donut hole strawberry kabbobs! Super easy to do: take a skewer, add a donut hole, strawberry, another donut hole, another strawberry, then drizzled with cream cheese icing!

The food turned out great, and Lily was dressed in a handmade Birthday dress made by her Great Grandmom! She also had a homemade serving tray, made by yours truly! We decided to have some pizza before the massive sugar rush! We sang “Happy Birthday” then, Lily used her tray to hand out the donut creations to our guests! When everyone was done getting their sugar rush for the year, she opened her gifts. I decided to make her a storage case for all her cooking gear. It was mostly a gift for me to prevent a mess with her toys, but she loved it! I bought a suitcase trunk from Hobby Lobby. I hot glued elastic in the inside to hold her various cooking utensils. Then I decoupage several things to the outside of the trunk! This was a proud mommy moment for me!

After the party, the kids were starting to crash after the intense sugar rush, and I finally got to sit down and take a breath! Everything went as planned and my “lil chef” was pleased as punch with the party!

Happy 6th Birthday Lily Grace!


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