The Tissue Situation.

You know I thought I was one lucky Mommy when I was blessed with 3 daughters. I thought to myself, “this is going to be great; little clean freaks in the making!” I could not have been more wrong! Not only was I shocked by how messy girls really are, but they are also disgusting little creatures!

My daughters have this habit of grossing me out whenever a sinus infection sweeps through our house. They will leave their nasty, contaminated, snot-filled tissues around the house. EVERYWHERE!

There was one particular outbreak I will never forget. It was the typical cold bug my girls get at least once a year. Starts out with snotty noses, then wet/dry coughing, trip to the doctors, and then life goes back to normal. Well, I really don’t know why it was happening, but I started finding used tissues all over my house. In the sofa cushions, on the floor, on the floor in front of the trash can, around the toilet, in their beds, in the dog’s bed, on the dining room table, in the fridge, and even in the dishwasher! I was living in this real life nightmare. I go into complete germaphobe overdrive when my girls are sick, mostly because if I get sick, everyone is doomed! I was trying to use hand-sanitizer every time I came in contact with them, and vice-versa. Not only that, but every time I would hear a sneeze, I would close my eyes in hopes of not seeing the foot of snot hanging from their little red noses. For reasons unbeknownst to me, it never occurred to my children to cover their face when they sneeze, just in case they had a “blow out!” That would be too easy, I guess!

After dealing with this all day, my “shift” was over as soon as I heard my hubby walk through the door. I could finally relax and let him take over for awhile. That is when I started finding more tissues in my sofa, in my clean laundry, in my bed, etc.. I was so over it and had a mini nervous breakdown. I made gagging noises, got teary-eyed, and even angry while telling my hubby what I went through the entire day. I even told him I was going to pack my bags, and go to my grandparent’s house because I couldn’t handle the tissues not being properly disposed of anymore. Through my rant, I told him how I was trying to prevent a future cold, or the household wouldn’t be able to function without it’s fearless leader! Thank goodness for him because he always knows what to say to make me feel better.

He told me that he would take care of it. He fussed at his children (yes I said “His children,” because when they are not little angels, they belong to him!), then clean up began. I was told to take a hot bath and relax. I told you he said all the right things!

When I finally got out of the most relaxing bath ever, I came out of the bathroom to a clean house. Not only that, my hubby went all over the house with Lysol Antibacterial spray where all those white petri-dishes were as well. I was so relieved! Not only did my girls feel better the next day, but my husband came through for me!

Two days later:

With all my efforts of preventing myself from getting this pesky bug, I ended up with a worse cold than the girls had. I was in bed for two days straight, and surrounded by my own snot rags-in my bed, on my floor, in front of the trash can, in my chair, etc.. That’s irony for you!



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