I’m Not Paranoid….Lady Bugs are After Me!

I really think that insects, bugs, creepy crawlers, whatever you want to call them, have it out for me! In the winter time, in Tennessee, we have lady bugs that love to move into our house. To make it more interesting, they only like to reside in our bedroom (yes, my room!). This alone has convinced me that these “innocent” lady bugs are after me more than ever!

So, the night of the incident, my husband and I went to bed, like we usually do. My husband has an annoying habit of being able to fall asleep in seconds, which makes me very resentful towards him. I decided to read a little, in hopes to join my hubby in blessed sleep!

As I was reading, something caught my eye on the ceiling. That little, red and black creep! I got distracted by the little booger, and my reading was non-exist now. The bug was all the way across the room, on the ceiling, to the left of me, and heading my way. Not only did this ambitious creature completely pass over my husband’s area above him, but was still heading my way. At this point, I was wide awake now because I knew he was coming for me! I kept my eye on him, and sure enough, it stopped right above me. Before I could think, that is when it happened! The murdering lady bug decided to dive straight down-right in my shirt! I let out the most blood curdling scream, I have ever let out in my life! While I was jumping and screaming out of bed, my husband had been woken from his peaceful slumber as well. I removed the little invader out of my shirt as he stared at me, wide-eyed and confused. I told him the whole story of the lady bug’s plot from beginning to end. When I was finished, he hung his head and said, “I thought someone was breaking into the house!” Well, the pest was actually a home invader, so it felt the same to me!

To this day, this has actually happened four times. Yes, you read that right-FOUR TIMES! The only difference, my husband doesn’t spring out of bed anymore, and just laughs at my misery!


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