Cutting the Cheese!

Did you ever notice that kids have the most accurate and perfect timing? This is one of the only things my girls have been consistent on from birth to present day!

On this particular day, my oldest daughter, Kaylynn, had the decided to prove this theory!

We were at our Wednesday evening church service when the incident happened. This was actually the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This tells you how memorable it was! Our church has a tradition where they have communion the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Now, before I go on, let me just point out something. I have the worst habit of laughing during the times when your suppose to be completely silent. In fact, I always cause a domino effect when this happens as well. Now back to the story.

For those not familiar with communion and all that entails. Here is what usually happens: the preacher prays, the deacons get the unleavened bread and wine (aka crackers and grape juice), they pray over the “bread,” pass it out, we eat it, and the same with the “wine.” While all this is going on, it is dead silent. You could hear a pin drop kind of silent! The worst possible time to do anything that would cause an outburst of laughter!

Well, that is when my poor daughter had to sneeze. However, during this particular sneeze, she just so happened to do a “backdoor sneeze!” Yes that is right! She sneezed and let out the loudest fart ever; in a silent church auditorium, no less! Poor thing! Of course, she snickered, which caused me to snicker, then my husband, the people in the row behind us, behind them, and beside us! My husband resorted to poking my thigh just to stop my laughing, mostly because it was making him laugh too! This went on for the entire church service, and I couldn’t stop myself! It was awful! I was scared to eat to take the communion out of fear of choking or it squirting out of my nose! To this day, we all still have a good laugh at it! As for my daughter, she survived the incident, and told me that I could share her story! I am also happy to report that she hasn’t “heinie hiccupped” during church since, but her sisters have!


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