Sarcasm is Hereditary

My 3 little “angels” were being particularly rotten one day. So, by the time my Jeremy  got home, I was going crazy!

I was trying to make dinner, and my youngest child, Lily, kept getting under foot. Jeremy was in the kitchen, getting his “welcome home” smooch, and after we were done grossing our children out, Bang! Lily caught my elbow to her head. Ugh!

I shooed her back out of the kitchen….again! At this point, I told Jeremy how the girls wete driving me nuts!I said,

“I’m going to end up in the middle of the woods, and live in my gingerbread house. I’ll end up a witch who eats little children!”

My oldest, Kaylynn, was listening to all this and decided to chime in. She said,

“Well, we will just push you in the oven!”

At this point, Jeremy burst out in laughter. I was not amused! However, I was a little proud that My sarcasmwas being passed down to future generations!


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